COVID-19 – a word from our Finance Director

COVID-19 – What a week to reflect upon! Wood Thilsted, as an Anglo-Danish company has witnessed very different approaches by the respective governments.  Internally, we fully believe we are best prepared for what we face – our staff are already either fully working from home (DK) or highly recommended to  do so (UK).  At home, staff work with not only laptops but the peripherals and screens they are used to in our offices.  Our efforts have therefore moved beyond the question of ‘how do we get our workforce to remain productive’ on to the question of ‘how do we maintain our workforce’s wellbeing’.  Working at home, with minimal physical interactions will take its toll.  Wood Thilsted are pleased to be able to provide our staff clear direction, dedicated HR resource, and technical tools to maintain contact with our clients, within our internal teams and to the wider company.


The next challenge we all face will be how do we ensure critical client paths are maintained.  For example, if a Wind Farm is dependent on an offshore survey, but travel is restricted, what are the implications and compensating measures?  Again we are confident that our project management team will help us navigate these impacts robustly.  Already we have put in place mitigation plans for the quality assurance of offshore Geophysical survey data acquisition through remote review.


Falling stock markets, reduced movements of people, challenges in cross-company collaboration and decision making are all real risks facing the offshore wind industry in the coming months.  However, I am confident that here at Wood Thilsted, we are best placed to be agile enough to navigate the challenges as COVID-19 evolves, maintaining the investment in renewable energy across the globe.


Rob Jones, Finance Director.