Foundation Engineering

Our foundation engineering capabilities are based on more than a decade of design experience. Our employees have set the industry standard for concepts, design and development.

We develop the design of foundations from the initial conceptual stages through the detailed design phase to supervision and monitoring of the completed structures. Fabrication and transportation as well as site conditions and turbine type are considered to ensure buildability and an installation-friendly design. We manage this using our efficient software platform which allows us to efficiently deliver large and complex design projects.

Soil-structure interaction of foundations is an area of intense research. Wood Thilsted maintain very close contact with universities and research institutions within this field and continuously contributes to the development of improved design approaches.

Monopile Foundations

Wood Thilsted have world-leading expertise and capabilities in design of monopile foundations for offshore wind turbines. We have developed state-of-the-art numerical software for efficient and optimised design.

Jacket Foundations

Wood Thilsted have extensive experience in the design optimisation of jacket structures on piled or suction bucket foundations. Our in-house engineering software allows us to efficiently analyse and optimise jacket structures for offshore wind turbines.

Gravity Based Structures

We develop and mature concepts for gravity base structures tailored to the local site conditions, logistical setup and available supply chain. Our capability includes both pre-stressed and pre-fabricated concrete foundations as well as installation concepts based on self-floatation or heavy lift crane vessels.

Foundation Installation Engineering

We have industry-leading experience and advanced in-house engineering software in place to undertaken state-of-the-art predictions of pile driving processes. Furthermore, WT capabilities includes prediction of suction caisson installation as well as noise emissions during driving.

Lifetime Extension

Offshore wind farms are designed and certified for a limited lifetime, however, the structures would be able to last many years beyond their design lifetime. We offer extension of the operational life of wind energy projects using our comprehensive range of design services and experience.

Shallow Foundations + Piled Foundation + Retaining Walls

We develop concepts for pad, raft and pile foundations for complex inner city developments. We carry out advanced finite element analysis to assess ground movement near sensitive infrastructure such as existing tunnels, allowing value to be unlocked from congested urban sites. Our design tools allow fast iterations with structural software enabling highly optimised solutions.