Ground Engineering

Well planned site investigations and an accurate ground model form the basis of every infrastructure project and is key to managing risk and making the most economic project.

Significant technical advances have been made in soil mechanics, analytical analysis, site investigation methods, monitoring and laboratory testing in recent years, marking a step change in the conventional pre-21st approach which is typically applied by the industry.  WT combines these latest methods with our advanced computational abilities and a robust risk management approach, along with experience gained on a diverse range of challenging international projects, to develop innovative, reliable and efficient solutions for ground engineering projects.

Site investigation management and interpretation

We use our extensive experience gained on both onshore and offshore projects to develop optimised site investigation scopes using the latest complementary geophysical and geotechnical methods, which reduces project risk and allows advanced interpretation.

Ground Modelling

WT develop 3D ground models as a standard element on most of their ground based design projects. The ground models combine all the available information and interpretation and allow advanced design optimisation to be carried out.

Asset protection

Understanding the impact of a project on surrounding assets is essential. We deliver complex ground movement and impact assessments for developments near existing infrastructure to protect sensitive structures such as listed buildings or underground tunnels.


We use our detailed ground and seabed mobility models along with vessel movement and tool performance data to undertake cable burial risk and installation assessments, resulting in reduced burial depth and improved asset integrity confidence.

Jack ups

We carry out jack up leg penetration analysis to the latest codes, guidance and best practice.  Our in-house analysis software identifies zones of punch-through and allows rapid assessment of offshore wind farm sites.