Wood Thilsted has since 2015 undertaken consultancy work on over 30 different projects, in 12 different countries, across 4 continents, for over 25 different clients. The work include:

  • Concept/FEED designs of monopile and/or jacket foundations for more than 10  different offshore wind farms;
  • Detailed geotechnical design for 3 offshore wind farms;
  • Design / development of foundation solutions for 10  different commercial / residential buildings; and
  • Providing expert technical advice in a number of commercial disputes and international research projects.

More information on key projects can be found below

(more projects to be added soon).

For this offshore wind farm, WT used frequency measurements to re-calibrate the soil reaction curves.

Our approach to the design processes and risk management allowed Boiler House to be built on a raft instead of piles which significantly reduced the cost.