What are you most excited about for the future of the offshore wind industry?

The last ten years has seen the industry rapidly developing, with recent years seeing a lot of development in turbine sizes, areas of capability across different waters and site conditions. It’s exciting to see if we’re going to experience the next exciting big development phase or if we’ll settle now into the execution phase.

As a well established industry, it’s exciting to look to the future and the exciting development opportunities on the horizon and predict which ones will be the ones to shine through.

You recently made the move to the US from Europe, is there anything you’re particularly excited about for the future of the US market?

The ambition, passion and drive that we’re now seeing for the US offshore wind industry is phenomenal. It’s going to be amazing to see the industry make such a difference for employment across the continent. We’re keen to harness local workforces and introduce them to the industry, and being there to help them adapt

It’s exciting to be part of something new from the very start, and it will be interesting to see how the US market will differ to other markets we’ve seen so far.

Supply chain is likely to be the biggest difference and challenge we may face, and we’ll need to fully optimise the supply chain for the market to fully succeed.

It’s also an exciting opportunity for young engineers to excel and carve out their careers in a new industry. We’re currently recruiting for graduate engineers and have received quite a few applications already, so it’s great to see such excitement and hunger to strengthen the industry and apply their recently acquired knowledge working at WT.

What motivated you to make the move to the US?

Firstly, a family adventure. To explore what it’s like to live abroad and experience somewhere completely new.

Secondly and professionally, to contribute to this exciting boom in the US market and to bring the WT culture and philosophy surrounding foundation design to a new market.

I joined WT inspired by this exciting company challenging the norms and acting as a force to be reckoned with. Now I’m excited to WoodThilsted-ise the US market.

What is it that you’re responsible for at WT?

I work within WT’s Primary Steel Design and Load department and am currently the Lead Primary Steel engineer on the Vineyard Wind project, which is the first commercial offshore wind project in the US.

A lot of my role will also focus on building up our engineering capabilities in US, so we’ll be focussing our recruitment efforts on graduate engineers and engaging with US universities to help build up their courses and modules, advising on what their focusses should be surrounding offshore wind.

Are there any key highlights from your career so far?

I am very proud of contributing to the strengthening of our engineering capabilities and being a mentor to young engineers.

I’ve been lucky enough to play a big part in setting up key frameworks and inspiring our younger engineers to succeed, developing the best engineers for the future.

Developing our internal teams means we have tremendous strength in our internal capabilities so there is no need to rely on outsourcing or subcontracting, meaning we can be the best possible consultancy for our clients.

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