Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Since 1970 when the world’s first Earth Day took place, 1 billion individuals mobilised for the future of our planet, with 75,000+ partners working to drive positive action (, 2022).

All year round, we are committed to designing the global energy transition and playing our part to combat climate change and create a greener, net zero world for all.

This year our teams across the globe are working together to play their part, uniting to make change and shape a brighter future.

Keep reading to find out what each of our offices will be getting up to in support of Earth Day 2022.


Our Copenhagen, Vejle and Århus offices are uniting for a combined kayaking and harbour clean-up expedition in Copenhagen.


Bristol are looking to nurture the environment and countryside on their doorstep, with either a Countryside Volunteering Day to include brush cutting, litter picking or path laying in a new woodland, or An urban river litter pick on the River Trym.


Teams in our London office will be embarking on a litter pick mission around the office and surrounding parks, before sorting into recycling and general waste with the hope of recycling as much as possible. They will then be celebrating their efforts by concluding the day at a plant-based restaurant.


Our teams in Taiwan are embarking on WT’s Green Roadshow. On April 22nd, the team will provide a talk to elementary school children to give them an introduction to the world of offshore wind and how green energy protects our environment and will help to make the world a cleaner and better place for them to grow up in.


Across the pond, our US Team will be taking the 15-minute walk from the Quincy, MA office to Furnace Brook Parkway to do a cleanup around the river.

Meanwhile, in Louisiana, WT US Associate Director & VP Hiram Mechling will speak at an Earth Day event at Loyola University about offshore wind.

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