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As a company, we strive for technical excellence and to provide the best overall value to the projects developed by our clients. By continuously improving and advancing our company, we ultimately raise the profile and performance of civil engineering and ensure a lasting contribution to society.
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Wood Thilsted’ s foundation design engineering stands out in terms of speed, safety and savings. Our combination of pioneering software, unmatched expertise, agility and speed means we can support you to deliver the most efficient foundation designs.

We are driven by our strong values and behaviors and our culture evolves around them. Being part of WT will give you chance to learn and develop on an international level, get career opportunities and fast career progression in an ambitious and transparent way.


Routes into Wood Thilsted

  • Placement Year

    A placement year at Wood Thilsted combines practical, on-the-job training with the ability to work on live projects.

    You will be treated as part of the team and be able to hone technical competencies, alongside real experience of the world of work through a structured work placement.

    We will help bridge the gap between education and the workplace.

    To apply for a placement year please send a cover letter and your CV here.

    Available in UK Only

  • Direct Hire

    Browse the latest UK and international vacancies to join Wood Thilsted as a direct hire. It may not always be essential that you possess all specific skills within a job advert, and we encourage you to make a speculative application if a role you are looking for is not yet advertised.

    Available in all locations.

  • Graduate Programme

    Wood Thilsted offers a University Graduate Program that enables access to a range of departments through a rotation scheme. You will progress via internal and external training, allowing you to proactively engage in your chosen area of expertise.

    If you would like to apply, please keep an eye on our jobs board to see what available opportunities we have advertised.

    Available in all locations.

  • Work experience

    We encourage everyone with an interest in sustainability and renewable energy to gain an insight and learn practical skills at Wood Thilsted.

    Short-term work experience placements are a great way to make yourself stand out and upskill while you study.

    Please send a cover letter and CV here if you are interested in discussing and arranging work experience.

    Available in all locations.

  • Internships & placements

    If you want to be considered for internships and summer placements available in some of our offices you can send us an unsolicited application. This will be published on our career website when available. You need to be enrolled at University (undergraduate or graduate) in order to be eligible for an internship/summer placement. Joining us as an intern, you will get the chance to work on real business challenges and apply some of your knowledge in practice.

  • Student Assistant

    Being a student assistant in Wood Thilsted gives you access to real professional challenges and gives you the chance to apply your knowledge in practice. The Student Assistant roles offer flexible working hours while balancing your academic workload.

    These roles are applicable for those who are enrolled in a relevant Master’s degree program. If you want to be considered for future student assistant position you can send us an unsolicited application through our career site. Sometimes we also post specific positions that you can apply to directly.

    Occasionally we also collaborate with universities, and we would encourage you to get in touch if you are interested in writing your master’s thesis with us, with previous approval from your university supervisor based on subject suitability.

    Available in Denmark only.


Wood Thilsted is rapidly growing internationally by establishing offices in selected markets. We are often advertising new vacancies. If you would like to reach out to our recruitment team please send us your details via an unsolicited application.

You can also follow our page on LinkedIn to find out about out about our project news and latest vacancies.


  • Submit CV

    Please submit your CV and covering letter by applying online.

    Click here to submit

  • Video Interview

    This will be with the recruitment team to explore your application in more detail and will include some questions regarding your experience and motivations for applying.

  • In-person Interview

    For all technical roles, you will then be invited to a competency-based interview held in one of our offices. You will meet several colleagues including members of the senior team.

  • Welcome to WT

    We are excited to welcome you on board and achieve great things together. Your onboarding has started from the moment you have signed the employment agreement with us. The introduction activities are designed to help you get onboarded with our policies and practices. Your new colleagues are looking forward to meeting you!

Meet the team

William Hancock

Lead Engineer in Secondary Steel and Offshore Structures

A day in the life of a Structural Engineer

Bruna de Queiroz

Lead Engineer in Energy and Climate Analytics

A day in the life of an Oceanographer

Eric Nicolas Hofschulte

Graduate Engineer

A day in the life of a Graduate Engineer

Amir Shajarati


  • 08:00
    I start the day at the gym and then head into the office, picking up a coffee and some breakfast en-route. Once I arrive at the office I organize my calendar for the day and respond to any urgent emails.
  • 09:00
    A typical start to my working day will include client management, ensuring I touch base with our clients and ensuring all deliverables are to schedule and to provide an update on where we’re at in the project.
  • 10:00
    When working on detailed design delivery across various projects, I like to focus on this in the morning to maintain a smooth, coherent process and to ensure I can reach out to the relevant colleagues and/or contacts throughout the day to joint consult or provide feedback.
  • 12:00
    Around midday I may be heading out to lunch with a client or colleague or I will grab something quick so I can maintain productivity throughout the afternoon.
  • 14:00
    A typical day can be so varied, which is what I love about working at WT, so an afternoon may be spending supporting my team or helping to train up colleagues across the business. Alternatively I work a lot of business development for the company so I may be pulling together a proposal for a new project or client.
  • 17:00
    At the end of the day, if I know I will be travelling to a project in the coming days, I will ensure everything is prepared and that my team know I may be less contactable for a few days, also will make sure to activate my out of office with working hours if I know I’m likely to be on a different time zone travelling to a number of our projects across the globe.

William Hancock

Lead Engineer in Secondary Steel and Offshore Structures

  • 08:00
    I split my week either working in the office or from home. If I am in the office, I usually commute by bike through busy central London. Then, after arriving in the office, I shower and change and head up to my desk. I’ll catch up with colleagues over a morning cup of tea before settling down for breakfast whilst opening emails and preparing for the day.
  • 09:00
    Most days start with a project meeting with other work package leads. I provide a summary of the tasks my team is working through and the planned actions for the week. We also run through open technical tasks and ongoing issues that require collaboration between the different teams (secondary and primary structures, T&I and electrical teams).
  • 10:00
    At present, a significant portion of my day revolves around resolving technical queries coming through from the fabrication yard. One of our WT foundation designs is currently in fabrication, and we provide ongoing support to ensure the fabrication process is running smoothly and try to optimise operations where we can. It is always interesting to see our designs moving from drawings to real structures.
  • 12:00
    A benefit of going into the office is that for lunch we venture out into the food market that is on our doorstep. Lunch in the office is a great way to hear what other colleagues are working on across the breadth of the projects in WT.
  • 14:00
    Often in the afternoons I will have online calls or meetings in person with the engineers in my team. The tasks we are working on are varied and challenging, ranging from, finite assessment analysis of a boat landing design under wave and ship impact loading, to writing Escape and Evacuation method statements. Difficult problems are best solved by having technical discussions between the team as it is important to utilise the experience and expertise from across WT. Throughout the day I’m in regular contact with the clients for different projects to ensure they are kept updated with progress and they can inform us of any new priorities that have come up.
  • 17:00
    As the day quietens down it is usually a good time to finish the reviewing of design reports or drawings that are due for issue. Wrapping up the day, I’ll check in again with my team and make sure we are prepared for meetings or tasks that are upcoming the next day. My cycle home or heading out for a run when I get home, means I am switched off from the day of work and ready for the evening.

Bruna de Queiroz

Lead Engineer in Energy and Climate Analytics

  • 08:00
    I usually like to practise exercise first thing in the morning. So around this time I’m usually finishing an yoga or bike class and getting ready to start work.
  • 09:00
    Emails, projects and team catch ups.
  • 10:00
    Python and Matlab programming applied to metocean data analysis as part of atmospheric and oceanographic site characterization and environmental lumping for offshore wind farm projects across the globe as well as R&D initiatives.
  • 12:00
    Lunch and WT learning sessions or market news
  • 14:00
    Client and stakeholders meetings alongside metocean data analysis as part of atmospheric and oceanographic site characterization and environmental lumping for offshore wind farm projects across the globe as well as R&D initiatives.
  • 17:00
    Writing reports, i.e., Site Conditions Assessment/Design Basis part A1, preparing presentations, discussions on how to bring wind energy and metocean disciplines together. And wrapping up the day with WT-socials! (when planned for that day).

Eric Nicolas Hofschulte

Graduate Engineer

  • 08:00
    In the morning I ride to work by bicycle. After arriving in the office, I start my working day by having a morning coffee and having a chat with my colleagues. Afterwards I review my calendar for the day and start preparing for my first meeting.
  • 09:00
    In an online meeting with my team we discuss the upcoming tasks for the day and review any problems or issues we have encountered the previous days. As I am working both with colleagues in the same office as well as in other offices, often in other countries, our meetings are usually online.
  • 10:00
    After finishing the morning meeting, I make a plan for the day and start setting up load simulations. The design loads obtained in these simulations can later be used for our foundation design. As the simulations are often running for several hours, I am working in the meantime on other tasks, like preparing models or analyzing results of previous simulations.
  • 12:00
    At noon I am having lunch in the office together with my colleagues. After lunch we often go for a match of table football in the common room or having a chat, before going back to our computers.
  • 14:00
    After the simulations I started in the morning have finished, I start post-processing them and analyzing the results. I am discussing the results together with colleagues and we are trying to draw insights into the turbine behavior and optimizing our foundation design. I discuss the results both with colleagues in my office, as well as online with colleagues working in other offices.
  • 17:00
    I end my workday by wrapping up my tasks and preparing some notes for the next day. If I have a large set of simulations pending, I often start them on our cluster computers. The simulations will then run over night, so that I can look at the results on the next morning. After work I often meet with colleagues for a beer or some other social event, like our weekly running club.


As a Wood Thilsted employee you get access to various different perks and benefits that we hope will contribute to your health, wellbeing and work life balance. All our offices around the world provide locally relevant wellbeing and social initiatives while we promote a global focus on mental health, diversity, and inclusion. How we reward our people depends on location, reflecting on different geographical contexts.

Job listings

  • Child care & parental leave benefits

    • Generous parental leave
    • Family medical support
    • Flexible work schedule
  • Culture

    • Outings together
    • Friends outside of work
    • Eating lunch together
    • Contributing to local communities
    • Casual Dress
    • Stocked Kitchen
    • Anniversary gifts and career milestones awards
    • Cycle to work scheme
  • Diversity

    • Highly diverse and international team
    • Hiring practices that promote Diversity
    • Diversity Groups
    • Unconscious bias trainings and discussions
  • Health Insurance and Wellness Benefits

    • Life Assurance
    • Health Insurance and benefits
    • Team workouts
    • Wellbeing focus
    • Long term Disability Insurance
  • Time off Benefits

    • Generous PTO
    • Paid Sick days
    • Paid Holidays
  • Retirement

    • Generous pension contribution
    • 401(K)
  • Professional Development Benefits

    • Internal and external Job trainings and conferences
    • Paid Industry certifications
    • Lunch and learns
    • Promoting from within
    • Mentorship programs
    • Flexible development tracks for all staff
  • Competitive salary and Bonus scheme

    • Benchmarking with industry and market standards
    • Bonus scheme
    • Annual bonus plans to reward work efforts aligned to your role, goals, and performance


As an employer we continuously strive to have an inclusive work culture, with trust and respect for all individuals. Our objective is to offer equality to both prospective employees during the fair running of recruitment activity, as well as for existing employees via our flexible and fair work practises and policies. To support equal opportunities we promote a healthy, productive, and flexible working environment that respects work-life balance.

Please inform us if you require any reasonable adjustments to the selection process, including any assessments or interviews. Any information about health or disability that is disclosed will be kept confidential.

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