Leaders in global offshore engineering

Wood Thilsted is different from other engineering consultancies. We have brought together leading offshore engineers with structural, geotechnical, geophysical, survey management, energy and climate analytics experts - all in one organisation.
This, combined with our project delivery expertise, means you can get everything you need all 'under one roof'.

Efficient foundation design

Managing project costs is always of the upmost importance but in a highly volatile steel market this is more important than ever before.

Wood Thilsted’s foundation design engineering stands out in terms of speed, safety and savings:

  • Pioneering Software

    Our in-house software and data analysis are industry leading and not available with any other design firm.

  • Unmatched Expertise

    Our teams are the best engineers, having worked on most of the offshore wind projects in the world. We have decades of experience in our teams.

  • Agility and Speed

    Our project teams are agile and fast. We can handle design changes in hours instead of weeks, producing the most steel efficient designs at the fast speeds.

Graph showing significant savings in steel costs when designed by Wood Thilsted

WT Designs lead to Steel Savings of

£100M for 1GW OWF

Photo of large monopile steel structures laying on their sides.

Advisory Services

Site Assessment, Ground Conditions and Advisory

Cross section map with overlayed analysis visualisation

Design Services

Monopile design

Monopile illustration

Jacket design

Jacket illustration

Floating design

Floating illustration


Secondary Structures

Innovation isn't just key to efficiency for foundations, it also drives cost savings and increased health and safety for secondary offshore structures. At Wood Thilsted, we have designed innovations across work platforms, ladders, boat landings and more that are making access, egress and work tasks safer and faster. We do this by using cutting edge 3D modelling and integrating more closely with the people and technology across other departments. It's amazing what you can achieve when you work together!

Geotech Eng & Design

WT’s Geotechnical interpretation and state-of-the-art soil structure interaction techniques assures highly optimised foundation designs So how do we work? In the early stage of project development, our Geotechnical team can deliver the full suite of services to tell you about the feasibility of fixed bottom or floating foundations. If working with us longer term our seabed interaction analysis including seabed mobility assessment, scour assessment and protection design, cable route engineering, jackup feasibility and leg penetration studies will integrate with our primary steels team to ensure efficient, effective tailored design for each and every foundation. So whatever project stage you are at you can rely on our geotechnical support to put you ahead of the rest.

Primary Structures

WT's approach to primary structure design is second to none. Our industry leading approach to monopile design is equalled by our extensive expertise in jackets and our key role in developing floating foundations. Whether at an early screening stage, a detailed design stage or looking for a partner to support you through the lifecycle of a project, we can save you time and money. If just starting out, our integrated in-house load assessment capability includes aero-elastic analysis as part of a fully integrated assessment, alongside hydrodynamic loading and seismic effects. If in a later phase of a project, we cover all expected structural forms, from monopiles to gravity bases, and can tackle novel solutions on a first-principles basis. Whatever you need, wherever you are in the world, come and talk to us, we love a challenge!


Our team of geophysical specialists form a market leading centre of technical excellence for the scoping, tendering, management and evaluation of all the geophysical surveys required for the development of your offshore windfarm. Many of our team have spent years working with survey contractors. This experience, when combined with our solutions-focussed approach to ground modelling and seabed interpretation, provides efficient, high quality support to our clients and in-house foundation design teams. Our GIS and data management services provide user friendly mapping of spatial data, allowing project opportunities and constraints to be efficiently managed.

Survey Management

Every site is different and from the outset our team establishes a clear site development strategy that manages time and cost. This means survey management scopes that meet the needs of each stage of the project rather than one size fits all. We can then step away or run the tenders and manage the process. The choice is yours!

Climate Analytics & Loads

The Climate Analytics and Loads department brings together wind and metocean expertise in a unique way. Our energy specialists come from world leading dedicated wind consultancies, for both onshore and offshore environments, and work hand in hand with our experts, from well-established metocean analysis outfits. The team comprises some of the most innovative thinkers in the industry with thousands of years of Atmospheric and Oceanographic data analyses under their collective belt. This experience is used to undertake high quality Energy Production and Site Conditions Assessments, as well as other studies that rely on the climatic knowledge of the site (i.e., Weather Window Analysis, Measurement Campaign Specification). Simply put, whether looking for an estimate of an onshore or offshore wind farm's future energy production; or the most efficient analysis for the detailed design of each and every foundation, come and talk to us!

Project Delivery

Offshore wind projects are highly complex, which is why WT’s Project Delivery division brings together project directors with decades of experience to ensure the highest level of project governance and focus on risk reduction to assure project delivery on budget and time. Unlike other consultancies, WT directors play an integral role in the delivery and decision making in our projects using the principle of constructive support. That means three things, 1) using WT’s exceptional experience in Offshore Wind to assist and guide clients in the face of whatever challenges arise during a project. 2) rather than reacting, WT Project Managers work to actively manage risks ahead of time in order to deliver on priorities. 3) using smart tools to ensure clients have all the management information they need when they need it in whatever system they need it. In other words we're looking out for you so you don't end up in uncharted waters, but if the unexpected does happen, don't worry we can help. Just ask our clients about their positive feedback.

Transport & Installation

Wood Thilsted's combination of integrated in-house expertise, combined with global and local experience, means no design is ever presented to a client that can't be effectively and efficiently installed. What's more if you have a design that you just need to make happen, we can work with you to ensure transport and installation is as cost effective and as smooth as possible. We're contractor agnostic so whomever you ask us to support we can work with them to ensure precise locations are optimal, adjust boundaries or fine-tune their proposed methodology. As with everything at Wood Thilsted we're always looking ahead and so within this team, we also analyse and design floating structures. So if you are also looking ahead come and talk to us about how we use Orcaflex combined with our own technologies to design the energy transition.

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