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The future of offshore wind

The combination of our design expertise, software innovation and engineering brilliance enables us to position the floating market in the most agile, innovative and cost effective way to support the global energy transition.

The next step is floating.

16GW of 258GW offshore wind installed or starting construction by 2030 globally is set to be floating. With this increasing to 49GW by 2035.

The future is floating and the future is now. There is the technical potential for 3082GW of offshore wind from 8 emerging countries, 2,066GW of which will come from Floating Offshore Wind.

Whist the industry has been focussing on fixed bottom foundations, as floating offshore technologies mature, they will unlock emerging markets, and potentially result in significant increases in floating offshore wind.


Why Wood Thilsted?

Technology and expertise

The global transition to renewable energy is accelerating. Offshore wind is playing a major part in this transition with more countries establishing clear targets for decarbonising their energy production. Floating offshore wind turbines are the next step in this transition allowing for the construction of wind farms in places previously unsuitable.

Proven innovation

Wood Thilsted leads the world in innovative design of offshore wind farm foundations. We work closely with our clients on the world’s largest projects delivering cost effective, solutions to everything from foundations for the world’s largest turbines to the most challenging seismic conditions around Asia’s ring of fire.

Floating track record

Our team has worked on floating projects from the earliest days of the development of the technology. We have worked with our clients to assess site suitability, plan floating wind farms, design innovative anchor solutions and look at the detailed design requirements. Wherever you are in our floating project, we can help you.


Site assessment and ground engineering

  • Bathymetry, ground conditions & technical review
  • Ground Model Development
  • Seabed mobility
  • Site investigation strategy
  • Seismic activity and liquefaction
  • Metocean site characterisation

Anchors, Moorings and Structural designs

  • Foundation feasibility studies & mapping
  • Anchor solutions and mooring systems
  • Cable feasibility studies
  • Concept design
  • Detailed floating engineering design
  • Gravity pads and suction caisson design
  • Integrated Loads Analysis
  • Platform Hydrodynamics
  • Detailed Design of floating platforms
  • Soil anchor interactions
  • Cable Route/Burial Engineering

Owner's engineer

  • Floating wind farm site layout
  • Floating energy production assessment
  • Cost Model and comparative Analysis
  • Transport design and installation for floating offshore structures
  • Assembly, installation and O&M ports
  • O&M Strategy
  • Integrity Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Substructure Appraisal
  • Technical Due Diligence
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