Driven by a profound love for the ocean and a desire to have a positive impact on humanity, Bruna de Queiroz pursued a career in oceanography, earning a Bachelor's degree in her home country of Brazil and a Master's degree in Coastal and Offshore Engineering in Europe. Having gained valuable experience at a coastal engineering consultancy in Brazil, Bruna's passion and expertise drew her to join Wood Thilsted, in 2020

Initially focused on coastal engineering, Bruna’s, curiosity and passion for innovation drove her to explore the field of metocean analysis — a critical field that encompasses the calculation of waves, wind speeds, water levels, and currents, vital for engineers in designing offshore structures. Bruna’s dedication quickly earned her a well-deserved promotion to Senior Oceanographer.

Driving Innovation Through the CALM Department

Demonstrating her leadership, Bruna played a pivotal role in the establishment of a new department called Climate, Analytics, Loads, and Metocean (CALM). She significantly enhanced the company's capabilities, and was promoted to manage a team of six. The CALM department, empowered by Bruna's developed tools and methodologies, has become indispensable to the company’s work in designing foundations for offshore wind farms.

Leveraging her expertise in metocean analysis, Bruna collaborates closely with clients and third-party companies, producing Site Condition Assessment (SCA) reports required to certify the foundation designs of offshore wind farms. Notably, she led her team in producing two SCAs for an offshore windfarm in the United States.

Both reports, in metocean and wind analysis, are a critical step to enable the windfarm foundation design to get certified. Bruna's active involvement and expertise have been instrumental in driving the advancement of the certification process.

Driving Sustainable Practices

Bruna is highly committed to promoting sustainable practices in the offshore wind industry. Through her meticulous analyses of waves, currents, and metocean parameters, she facilitates the optimisation of foundation designs, resulting in the reduction of excess steel and a substantial decrease in the overall environmental footprint. Her excellent engineering skills play a pivotal role in driving forward sustainable practices within the offshore wind industry.


Bruna's unwavering commitment to achieving metocean excellence, coupled with her exceptional leadership abilities and steadfast dedication to sustainability, continues to create a profound and lasting impact within the industry. We are proud to have Bruna on our team at Wood Thilsted, and eagerly anticipate her continued contributions in shaping a brighter and more sustainable future in her field.

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