Gillian Pollard, a civil structural engineer with over 15 years experience, has made significant contributions to the field of offshore wind and sustainability. Her technical expertise, innovative problem-solving, and collaborative approach have had a profound impact on project outcomes and industry advancement.

Gillian's exceptional success in her field is rooted in her extensive generalist knowledge in offshore wind. This broad understanding allows her to provide comprehensive and well-informed consultations to clients. However, she has recently chosen to specialise in connection design, recognising the critical role it plays in the foundation design of offshore wind structures.

Automating Connection Design:

Gillian’s connection design specialisation is invaluable in addressing technical challenges and driving innovation within the offshore wind industry. A notable example of her technical expertise and leadership was when she was approached by a client facing difficulties with their existing bolted connection for their site. In response, Gillian assembled a comprehensive report that examined various available connection types and proposed strategies for automating their development. Under Gillian's guidance, her team of students and graduates from the University of Bristol embarked on the development of software that automated the connection design process and offered multiple options for consideration. This software not only addressed the technical aspects but also considered factors such as fabrication and installation methods for each connection type. By streamlining the connection design process, the software has de-risked early stage decision making and accelerated project procurement. This not only lowers costs but also enables developers to bid for seabed leases at a more competitive price, increasing the developers chance of winning a seabed auction. Automating this software contributes to faster wind farm implementation, aligning with industry goals of increased renewable energy generation.

Nurturing Future Talent:

Gillian actively involves students and graduates in the software development process, providing them with valuable hands-on experience and expertise that can be applied to other projects. This commitment not only contributes to the success of the software but also fosters a future pipeline of skilled talent in the industry. By nurturing and mentoring the next generation of engineers, Gillian is ensuring a sustainable workforce and the continued advancement of offshore wind engineering.

Sustainability and Community Engagement:

Gillian's dedication to technical excellence extends beyond her professional endeavors. She played a pivotal role in Wood Thilsted's certification process to become a B-Corp business, taking responsibility for the environmental and community aspects of the application. Gillian actively promotes sustainability and diversity within the industry, reflecting her commitment to creating a positive impact. Furthermore, she actively participates in her local community's sustainability group, engaging in science fairs and educational events. Through these initiatives, Gillian shares her expertise and passion for green jobs, inspiring young students to pursue careers in renewable energy.


Gillian Pollard's contributions to offshore wind engineering exemplify innovation, technical excellence, and a commitment to sustainability. From automating connection design to nurturing future talent and empowering women in the industry, Gillian's work is driving advancements and shaping the future of offshore wind. Her passion for green energy and dedication to creating a positive impact make her a true leader and an inspiration to aspiring engineers. Wood Thilsted is proud to have Gillian on their team, and her contributions will undoubtedly continue to shape the industry for years to come.

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