Three years ago, Louise ├śrsted Bendtsen joined Wood Thilsted as an engineer and took on the challenging task of working on the Japanese Akita Offshore Wind project. As the first commercial offshore wind project in Japan, it presented unique obstacles. However, Louise's dedication, expertise, and quick turnaround time proved to be invaluable in the process.

Leading the Way in Boat Landing Design

Louise led the development of the WT Boat Landing design for the Akita project. The boat landing structure needed to be reliable, cost-effective, and capable of withstanding wave and boat impact loading. Within a remarkably short period of eight months, Louise created a custom finite element (FE) model, developed FE procedures, and utilised custom programming code to optimise the design's turnaround time. Louise's ability to develop innovative solutions at her level of engineering experience was remarkable.

Building on her success with the Akita project, Louise was promoted to package lead on the East Anglia Offshore Wind Hub, the largest wind farm project in the UK. This challenging project underwent significant changes, yet Louise approached her new role with the same dedication and determination. Her exceptional leadership and management skills guided a team of engineers and draughtspersons to successfully deliver the project.

Empowering the Next Generation of Engineers

Louise's dedication extends beyond her own success. She has a remarkable commitment to sharing her knowledge and experience with younger engineers, guiding them through challenges and helping them develop their skills. Her mentorship and guidance have been invaluable, and her colleagues frequently seek her advice and input on various projects. While younger engineers now execute the Boat Landing design, Louise remains the go-to person for guidance and problem-solving, reflecting her passion for fostering talent within the industry.


Louise's work has had a remarkable impact on our team and projects, and she has generously shared her knowledge and expertise with her colleagues and the broader industry. As a role model for young women pursuing careers in engineering, she breaks barriers and inspires others with her achievements. Wood Thilsted is immensely proud to have Louise on our team, and we are excited to witness her future contributions and accomplishments in the industry.

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