With Poland being an emerging and exciting new location for offshore wind energy, we've taken a look at the various regulations and recent regulatory changes in Poland and what that could mean for the offshore wind market.

The ambitious wind farm density minimums being as one of the qualifying criteria in the ongoing Polish seabed lease auction provide opportunity but also require a combination of local knowledge, integrated energy and climate expertise to ensure projects don’t suffer from some of the potential negatives effects the can result from higher densities and clustering.

No fixed limits for wind farm capacity density have been defined by the regulating authorities in Poland, however one of the qualifying criteria in the ongoing auction for seabed lease is capacity density at a minimum level of 8 MW/km2.

WT's Energy and Climate Analytics department, including Marcel Tauzowski, Country Manager for Poland, have released a paper delving into this further, where the team discuss the technical challenges this might bring and how these can be addressed. Read the full piece here

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