What really makes a purpose-driven company?

Knowing what to do, and saying you’re going to do it is one thing, but for us, it’s about having real heart and passion behind your mission.

A genuine care

Every single person her at WT has a genuine want to make the world a better place, using their skills and expertise. We are dedicated to improving the worlds health, biodiversity, ability to thrive now and into the future, all through changing the way we create clean ‘green’ energy.

30 years ago no one imagined we would or could be where we are now with advancements in offshore wind. It takes dedication, vision, partnership and through the intelligent and innovative application of technology.

We have written this Sustainability Charter to make a promise to the world. We want to let you know what we want to do, and our intentions and actions in making it happen. If you want to have a chat about any of this – to collaborate or know more, please call our Head of Sustainability to discuss.

We’re doing something about it

  1. Sometimes you need to step up and be confident to produce new ways of thinking and transformative tech and innovation to making it work. Considered optimism is what we like to call it. We do not sit apathetically in the wings- we are confidently stepping out of our comfort zones, pushing the boundaries of ideas and innovation – making the seemingly impossible, possible.
  2. We may not always get the science right first time, but we continuously pursue the best results. No longer shall we be putting a plaster on the problem! We look how to stop getting bumped.
  3. We are developing multiple solutions to multiple problems in our expert fields. We do this in a positive way - with less words and more action.. !
  4. There is a collective need to come together and work the problem, fight the good fight

We know we can’t do it alone

  1. We are all human – and we cannot do this alone – we partner with amazing minds in the industry to shape ideas, and make these visions a reality – we work the science day and night until we get it right
  2. Collaborating with other leaders in their field is essential to bringing about change – helping local and global governments and professional bodies create expert regulations to keep our staff safe and the industry in check
  3. Offshore wind is an exciting industry, where we are part of the shaping and setting of regulations

We are doing net zero 2030

We are beating the drum of biodiversity

We want to decarbonise steel and make it a viable market

Corporate footprint and commercial footprint

How we innovate and need tech (conclusion)

Update regularly progression, successes, learning as we grow

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