Everything under one roof

Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of leading specialists in their fields who work closely together during each of our five project phases. This means that whether looking for end-to-end project support or a specific one-off service you can be assured of quality, speed and informed innovative thinking from our in-house team.


The Feasibility phase is where initial engineering work is performed. The boundary conditions (e.g. wind, wave, geology, etc.) of the project site are investigated and critically reviewed. This identifies risks and hazards that may be potential threats to the project.
Project bid support
Project development strategies
Technical feasibility
Due diligence
Desk studies
Seismic assessment
Environment impact assessments
3D ground modelling


At this point we begin to work with the broader team to get into the project detail. This means looking at and reducing project risks by looking at site, soil, seismic data and more, optimising wind farm layouts, considering foundation design options, installation concerns as well as identifying opportunities for innovation and general improvement.
Geophysical surveys
Site conditions assessments
Geotechnical surveys
UXO surveys & assessment
Cost modelling
Harbour assessment
Geotechnical interpretive works
Seismic analysis
Seafloor morphology assessment
Geotechnical laboratory testing
Pile testing campaigns
Integrated aero-elastic load analysis
Export and array cable engineering
Dredging and Landfall assessment
Cable burial risk assessment


We are very proud to have designed some of the most cost-effective foundation designs for many of the largest offshore wind projects in the world. This is achieved through our holistic in-house approach to design, which means we have all the information available whenever we need it, delivering a more efficient process. Having all these inputs at our fingertips to fully understand the design and supply chain constraints results in efficient structural design and project cost savings.
Monopile foundations
Jacket foundations
Floating foundations
Offshore Substations
Load Iterations
Secondary steel design
Scour protection design
Corrosion protection design
Low-voltage electrical design
Suction bucket design
Wave loads
Seismic loading
Cycle soil degradation
Liquefaction analysis
Cable Installation tools assessment


For the Installation phase Wood Thilsted offers you everything you need to ensure the successful execution of a project. Our team has worked on the installation of dozens of projects and has the right tools, knowledge, technology and understanding of partnership working to make sure fabrication, transport and installation run smoothly.
Fabrication inspection
Transport & installation
Cable burial performance & risk assessment
Pile installation assessment


Simply put, under the right conditions we can make your wind farms operate for longer. The combination of our cutting edge digital twin technology, decades of offshore engineering experience, surveying expertise and integrated team working means we can monitor and accurately assess the structural integrity and efficiency of every turbine and foundation in your wind farm. The result? We could add years of operation to your wind farm.
Lifetime extensions
Digital windfarm twins
Post-construction surveys
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